Crowdfunding on Blockchain

Blockchain-based customizable infrastructure framework for crowdfunding platforms and tokenized ecosystems.

Benefits of TokenD for crowdfunding platforms

Full-featured infrastructure out of the box

Launch in 3 days

Crypto and fiat currencies


Meet any regulatory compliance

Internal exchange

Functional modules

  • Roles management
  • Ledger viewer
  • Transactions limits management
  • Deposit & withdrawal
  • Internal exchange
  • Keys management
  • Payment system
  • Data anchoring
  • manage the admin
  • Tokens distribution management
  • KYC flow and document storage
  • Transactions limits management
  • Transactions fees management
  • Tokens issuance management
  • Tokens lifecycle management
  • Crowdfunding management
  • Web & mobile wallets

Features for fundraisers

  • Pass the KYC procedure
  • Fund project via сrowdfunding and crowdlending
  • Configure the crowdfunding stages, soft and hard cap
  • Issue compliant tokens and manage their logic
  • Anchor the documents and project roadmap on blockchain
  • Share regular updates with investors
  • Restrict investors participation with whitelists
  • View the crowdfunding charts and statistics
  • Make transparent dividends distribution to backers
  • Redeem tokens for services
  • Deposit/withdraw fiat and crypto
  • Send/receive payments in any token on the platform
  • List the issued tokens on exchanges via ERC20 bridge
  • Trade tokens on the internal decentralized exchange
  • View account balance and transactions history
  • Connect the 2FA authentication to the account
  • Restore the account access
  • Control the tokens pre-issuance with an offline device

Features for individuals and accredited investors

  • Features for individuals and accredited investors
  • Features for platform administrators
  • Pass the KYC procedure
  • Participate in crowdfunding and crowdlending campaigns
  • Apply for early-stage investors whitelists
  • Deposit/withdraw crypto and fiat currencies
  • Send/receive payments in any token on the platform
  • View account balance and transactions history
  • Explore the investment opportunity list
  • Review the investment portfolio performance
  • Subscribe to fundraisers’ updates
  • Trade tokens on the internal decentralized exchange
  • Connect the 2FA authentication to the accoun
  • Restore the account access

Features for platform administrators

  • Review the KYC requests
  • Manage users KYC
  • Manage users accounts and activities
  • Ban/unban users and fundraisers
  • Review the crowdfunding campaigns requests
  • Review the tokens issuance requests
  • Securely issue and manage the platform’s native token
  • Use a multisignature for issuance protection
  • Manage the crypto and fiat currencies gateways
  • Manage the users accounts limits
  • Manage and collect fees for transaction processing
  • Manage the trading asset pairs on the internal exchange
  • Manage the administrators accounts permissions
  • Distribute the administration permissions between multiple administrators

How to start with TokenD

  • 1

    Start with a cloud MVP and test the market with low costs.

    Customize your MPV as you go.

  • 2

    Buy the full codebase license and get the control over your platform servers.

    Train your development and support team.

  • 3

    Spread the validator servers to grow your blockchain network.

    Have a sustainable decentralized blockchain-based infrastructure.

Pricing Plan

Cloud Service

For fast start
  • Fast time to market
  • Low barrier to market entry
  • Priority support on demand
  • Full featured out of the box


For own infratructure
  • Fast time to market
  • Access to source code
  • No additional license fees
  • Priority support on demand

How does TokenD can help your business?