A framework for enterprise tokenization platforms

Blockchain-based customizable infrastructure framework for crowdfunding platforms and tokenized ecosystems.

Everything can be tokenized


Stocks and derivatives

Real estate and certificates

Warehouse receipts

Loyalty programs

Precious metals

What is tokenization and why is it Needed?

Tokenization is a process of transformation of asset accounting and management to represent each asset by a digital token.

Tokenization increases liquidity of assets and removes frictions to trade. Also, it adds new features to an asset that were not inherent before. As a result assets become more valuable.

What is TokenD and why is it Needed?

TokenD is a framework that consists of best practices, security and quality standards, wireframes, codebase which explains how to build systems that tokenize assets.

What do we do?

We are summarizing our experience in creation of tokenization platforms in a set of documents that can be viewed as blueprints and building blocks. We also help to build turn key solutions based on TokenD framework.

Main principles of TokenD

  • Usage of cryptography for account management
  • Usage of open APIs between components
  • Usage of blockchain technology for decentralized decision making and storage

Pricing Plan

Cloud Solution

For fast start
  • Fast time to market
  • Low barrier to market entry
  • Priority support on demand
  • Full featured out of the box


For own infratructure
  • Fast time to market
  • Access to source code
  • No additional license fees
  • Priority support on demand

How does TokenD can help your business?